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  • Where can I receive BlissThera Treatments?
    Fayetteville, AR: Alternative Nursing: ‭(479) 225-5299‬ North Little Rock, AR: Interventional Pain Management ‭(501) 255-6673‬ Little Rock, AR: Hypnos Medical ‭(501) 500-6069‬
  • How does BlissThera Work?
    Re-establishing this harmonious connection with nature enables the body and mind to heal, returning to a state of well-being that our ancestors once considered the norm. ​ This is the power of Forest Medicine; esteemed by institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical, and the National Institute of Health. BlissThera utilizes the health modality of Forest Medicine, harnessing the natural health benefits of the world's forests through its Virtual Nature Therapy technology- administering specific combinations of natural forest essences in concentrations sufficient to produce focused wellness benefits - all within a VR (virtual reality) nature simulation experience. The beneficial effects that typically result from days or weeks spent in a natural forest environment can now be achieved in minutes with BlissThera. For more information, visit the "Why it Works" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the biological scientific data.
  • Will BlissThera Treatments impair my driving ability?
    BlissThera Treatments will not impair mental focus or physical dexterity. In fact, patients generally report feeling more focus after a treatment. However, some patients specifically request treatments designed to be sedating. If you request a treatment involving this outcome, you will need to arrange for post treatment transportation.
  • Can I become addicted to BlissThera Treatments?
    No. Experiencing a BlissThera Forest Medicine Therapy is analogous to taking a walk in nature (without getting tired from the walk). Though many people often find nature walks an important part of their routine, by no means is this considered "addicting".
  • Will I have withdrawal systems if I stop using BlissThera?
    No. BlissThera Treatments produce no withdrawal symptoms. However, patients that become accustom to their therapy results, often find return visits optimize long term positive results.
  • Will a BlissThera Treatment cause a positive drug screen result?
    No. Although the patient testimonial videos are filled with amazing success stories that appear to have "drug like results", the BlissThera CTI technology emits only natural plant materials and will not cause a positive drug screen result.
  • Will my insurance , or medicare pay for a BlissThera treatment?
    Some Health Savings Accounts (HSA) may allow payment of BlissThera Therapies. But otherwise, at this point in time insurance and federal programs do not cover BlissThera Forest Medicine Therapies.
  • Does a physician have to prescribe a BlissThera treatment?
    No. Although physicians use the BlissThera system, a prescription is not required.
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