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BlissThera Virtual Nature Therapy

Pain and Stress Management without Pharmaceuticals  
BlissThera Forest Tree Logo represents the power of Forest Medicine

Harnessing the Power of Nature

Pain and Stress Management without Pharmaceuticals  


Forest Medicine is the ancient health modality of humanity. Its origins can be traced to the earliest forms of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, as well as Native American and Indigenous cultures throughout history. Esteemed institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical, The World Health Organization (WHO), and the National Institute of Health (NIH) all have publications advocating its benefits.

Ancient Medicine Meets Modern Technology


BlissThera merges the heritage of Forest Medicine Therapy with the innovative realm of micro-processor controlled phytochemical synergy and VR technology. Imagine not only being surrounded by lifelike forests and scenic nature in virtual reality, but also being immersed within the actual bio-essences emitted by plants and trees within natural forest atmospheres. 

Nature Bio-Immersion


The authentic forest essences carried by the BlissThera Virtual Nature Technology infuse the patient’s personal atmosphere, making every breath a true connection with nature. This forest, “BioMedia” seamlessly integrates into the patients’ virtual world, allowing patients to breathe in the healing elements that nature offers, providing swift feelings of wellness that exceed the effects of spending days or weeks in a natural forest setting. This is the power of BlissThera Bio-immersion, a groundbreaking dimension that elevates patients’ therapeutic journeys.

Diverse Therapies Tailored to Patients' Needs


Among the nearly two hundred therapy programs within the BlissThera system, patients discover a wide spectrum of solutions designed to address various facets of well-being. These programs are thoughtfully curated, encompassing physical conditions, psychological concerns, performance enhancement for both mind and body, as well as mood modulation therapies.


The Journey to Wellness Begins Here


Whether patients are seeking physical relief, mental clarity, enhanced performance, or mood enhancement, BlissThera has the technology and expertise to guide patients on their path to well-being. Together with a BlissThera practitioner, patients will explore the diverse range of therapy programs offered, and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier “you”.


Dx: PTSD, Anxiety

"I would have never thought something as simple as this would make the bad dreams and flashbacks go away; it changed my life."

James Spencer patient testimonial for PTSD

Sgt. James Spencer

US Army

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