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What Does a BlissThera Therapy Session Look Like? 


Step One

Consultation & Selection of Forest Medicine Therapies

The Practitioner collaborates with the patient to identify the most suitable Forest Medicine therapies to administer.

Patient Seating and Setup

The patient is made comfortable and the Practitioner prepares the patient for the Therapy by positioning the Forest Atmosphere diffusion appliance. 

Step Two

Placing the Device_edited.jpg

Step Three

Commencement of Therapy Session

The Practitioner initiates the therapy by activating the chosen BlissThera algorithms via the system's software. The BlissThera Forest Medicine Atmosphere is released within the patient's personal space. Therapy durations range between 30 to 60 minutes.

Step Four

Full Immersion

When desired by the patient, the therapy combines an immersive virtual reality and multimedia experience with the BlissThera therapeutic forest atmosphere, offering holistic treatments within a digital therapeutic environment.


Step Five

Patient Feedback

The Practitioner evaluates the patient's response to the therapy and records the data in the BlissThera software. This information aids the Practitioner in monitoring the patient's progress, and/or making modifications to future therapy sessions to optimize cumulative results.

Real Patient Feedback:

Diverse Therapies Tailored to Patients' Needs


Among the nearly two hundred therapy programs within the BlissThera system, patients discover a wide spectrum of solutions designed to address various facets of well-being. These programs are thoughtfully curated, encompassing physical conditions, psychological concerns, performance enhancement for both mind and body, as well as mood modulation therapies. *clinical data

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